About Us

Welcome to MementoMori!

I started this site about 15 years ago, whilst working as a commercial diver, mainly overseas, in the Far East, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During my regular leaves, I developed an interest in antiques, visiting local auctions regularly. I learned French polishing, and started restoration projects in the garage, and my interest soon spread into other area – ivory, jade, oriental items, scientific instruments, curios, etc. My love of music started in the fabulous 1960’s, and I enjoyed playing guitar and writing my own songs.

It’s surprising how much the antiques field has changed in 10 years; jade has lost much of its allure, due to the cheap modern products pouring in from the Far East; Ivory, too has become something of a pariah, due to the general distaste in the UK for elephant poaching. The vogue at the moment seems to be for shabby chic, and looking back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – not to my taste much, as I prefer the things that were made by craftsmen, and which have survived the years rather than the inferior items of mass production.

Having retired from Commercial Diving, I intend to continue buying and selling, at auctions and Antique Fairs. I’ve also enjoyed writing my memoirs, about my first 15 years as a commercial diver, and will be selling copies both on this site, and at Antique Fairs. You can read the first Chapter now, just click onto Memoirs. You can buy a copy, and any of my advertised items, using Paypal