Ich Kampfe



Ich Kämpfe (English: “I Fight”) was a book given by the Nazi Party to each new enrollee in 1943, the year in which the Nazi fortunes began to wane during the Second World War). The text of Ich Kämpfe was written by leaders of the various paramilitary sections of the Nazi Party describing the alleged success of their movement. There are sections by Joseph Goebels, Reichsleiters Phillip Bouler,Alfred Rosenberg, Dr Robert Ley, and Arthur Axmann.

Nearly all copies of this book were destroyed at the end of the war under the Allied policy of denazification with the result that originals are very rare. (Wikipedia).

The book includes information on the Schutsstaffel(SS), theStormabteilung(SA), National Socialist Flyers Corps(NSFK), National Socialist Women’s League(NSF), National Socialist Motor Corps(NSKK), loyalty to the Fuhrer, the program of the Nazi Party, the German Concept of Freedom, the National Socialist Revolution, Honor List of the Martyrs of the Movement, Our Will, the Responsibilities of Political Leaders, the National Socialist Way of Life, the Responsibility of Party Members, and the Dates in the History of the NSDAP.

There are pictures (both colour and black and white)

Includes a scrap of paper, written in English, by a previous owner, something about a medallion to a German officer for marksman for a 28 mm gun.



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