Memoirs of a Deep-Sea Diver

From childhood dreams, to realisation of those dreams, one man’s entry into the unforgiving but rewarding world of commercial diving. During the oil boom  of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, from the extreme conditions of the North Sea, to the sexual playgrounds of the Far East, from Ghaddafi’s Libya to the Craziness of the Arabian Gulf, there are quite a few laughs, and not a few tragedies.

About the Author

A baby boomer, born in the austere period after the 2nd World War, when the old Victorian values were being swept aside. Grammar School educated, with a desire to travel and experience everything, his first disastrous appearance as an entrepreneur led irrevocably to a series of bizarrely linked vocations – hippy, steward, welder, father, diver, antiques enthusiast, grandad, – with many little side excursions into other fields. Back home now, he is happily settled in Brighouse, Yorkshire, with his long-suffering partner of 30+ years. After living in Denmark, Germany, Malta, Holland, Singapore, Bali, and Cyprus, his feet have lost their itch. He is happy now to escape from 1 Brighouse grandson whenever possible, and travel only as far as Edinburgh, where he is terrorised interminably by 3 more.