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I started this site whilst working as a commercial diver. During my regular leaves, I developed an interest in antiques, visiting local auctions regularly. I learned french polishing , and started restoration projects in the garage, and my interest soon spread into other area – ivory, jade,  oriental items, scientific instruments, curios, etc. 

It’s surprising how much the antiques field  has changed in 10 years; jade has lost much of its allure, due to the cheap modern products pouring in from the Far East; Ivory, too has become something of a pariah, due to the general distaste in the UK for elephant poaching. The campaign boxes and writing slopes I used to love restoring have lost their value, due,in part I think,  to the  sheer volume of restored items on the market. The vogue at the moment seems to be for shabby chic, and looking back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – not to my taste much, as I prefer the things that were made by craftsmen, and which have survived the years rather than the inferior items of mass production.

Having retired from Commercial Diving, I want to develop this site using any skills I may have picked up in restoration, and also promote my own areas of interest, outside of antiques. I’d like the site to be interesting, not just to my generation of baby-boomers, but to anyone of any age with similar interests.

One of the pages contains ‘Aireys, a game invented by myself and a friend as school children, and which continues to give our families and friends amusement up to the present. It’s an easy game to participate in, and I’ll look forward to any ideas you might want to send through. I’ll be adding other pages in the near future, and look forward to any feed-back.

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