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I bought 2 x 5” slices of a tree that had just been felled, approximately 30” in diameter.when I was passing through a forest. I’m using one as a top for an old Victorian pub table, the other one is for sale, to anyone who likes rustic furniture, for either in or outdoors. The wood is unseasoned, which is why I asked for them so thick, to avoid splitting.

The surface is rough cut, and therefore needs some work. On the one I’m keeping,  I’ve just taken off the roughest edges on the working surface with a sander, and will melt some old candles to brush onto the surface, before applying a wax polish. I’ll seal the bark around the edges with PVA.

Please be aware it is heavy – weighing in at 88lbs. This will look great  on a purpose-built stone base, or cast-iron table – anything strong enough to support it.


PRICE – £40

Shipping costs – can be collected from Brighouse, or I will deliver  within a 50 mile radius for expenses

We do not accept returns.

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