Memoirs of a Deep-Sea Diver By Mick Binns



About the Author

A baby boomer, born in the austere period after the 2nd World War, when the old Victorian values were being swept aside. Grammar School educated, with a desire to travel and experience everything, his first disastrous appearance as an entrepreneur led irrevocably to a series of bizarrely linked vocations – hippy, steward, welder, father, diver, antiques enthusiast, grandad, – with many little side excursions into other fields. Back home now, he is happily settled in Brighouse, Yorkshire, with his long-suffering partner of 30+ years. After living in Denmark, Germany, Malta, Holland, Singapore, Bali, and Cyprus, his feet have lost their itch. He is happy now to escape from 1 Brighouse grandson whenever possible, and travel only as far as Edinburgh, where he is terrorised interminably by 3 more.

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